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Welcome web3 explorers! Did you ever feel that your Decentralized Application (dapp) is missing something, like better knowledge of your users and a more robust identity layer? Now you can integrate the powerful world of Decentralized Identity/Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), and Verifiable Credentials (VCs) with just a few steps. No need for additional platforms and wallets; only one of the most popular web3 wallets is required - MetaMask.

Masca is a MetaMask Snap (extension) that adds support for Decentralized Identity: it can manage DIDs, store VCs, and create the VPs. These docs are a great place to learn about the Decentralized Identity and find all the necessary information to start using it immediately!

Why use Masca?

  • Give easy access to Decentralized Identity and SSI to millions of existing MetaMask and dapp users.
  • Let MetaMask handle the security of cryptographic keys. You can also easily back them up with a seed phrase.
  • Users can (and should) decide which DID method to use and where they want their VCs to be stored.
  • Each user can create as many DIDs as they want! It is as simple as creating a new account in MetaMask.
  • You can easily integrate DIDs and VCs into your dapp using Masca Connector library. No need to implement the logic for multiple DID methods and places to store VCs.
  • dapps can quickly request VC (or create VP) with a single RPC call — no need to develop extra logic and care about where the VC is stored.
  • Supports additional Decentralized Identity-related features such as creating VCs, validating existing VCs and VPs, and resolving DIDs.

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